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  1. The fact is people the federal reserve have out right said they will no longer bail out , expect a worldwide crash pretty soon this year

  2. Shib Team …
    I think need to keep the faith on them . Otherwise it's never uplifted .
    The team needs to update, the best news to market.

  3. Have you heard of v empire burning a bunch of Shiba tokens? Supposedly billions

  4. Just buy the dip! no need to panic. Stay strong this is going to be a good year

  5. Hold hold hold shiba has so much potential just stack up and hold and you won't be disappointed with your decision now in a few months

  6. This is all part of the game army….. shiba is in no danger of getting a rug pull, just be patient and keep adding and keep supporting Shiba! Good luck to all!!!

  7. Hey Austin is my name familiar to you do you remember speak with me about other ventures cause if not ive got a story for you

  8. I think bitcoin and ether have a bear market comeing but I do belive a couple meme coins as their call will prosper through this time

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