Sharing my moonshot – $MOZ

Hey guys, found this project back towards the beginning of the year – Mozaic Finance.

Basically seems they are bringing the crypto and AI worlds together through “AI optimized yield farming.”

They had vaults open for a a month or 2 earlier this year, and were netting CRAZY APY… like 80% + at around $2M total in the vaults. However, if you look at the chart, you’ll see it’s pretty messy because shortly thereafter they were hacked.

The hack was from an insider on the team that’s since been dealt with by authorities from multiple different countries, and the funds were frozen on a few CEX’s and are actually expected to be returned very soon. They’re also relaunching their vaults in the coming weeks.

Just wanted to share here as I’ve gotten tons of value from everyone’s posts here! I personally just started buying a lot more here recently because of the bullish news on vaults relaunch and teasers that funds will be returned soon.

The hack really made me question whether I should drop these guys, but I think a team that can bounce back and improve the product after something like that is infinitely more secure.


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  1. That’s awesome to hear about your moonshot with $MOZ! It’s always exciting to see fellow crypto enthusiasts finding those hidden gems. What drew you to $MOZ in the first place? Any particular factors or research that stood out to you? Let’s dive into this project and see what potential it holds!

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