Seven days ago in Argentina, hundreds of people created the world’s largest human Bitcoin logo using umbrellas. They stated that the ₿ symbol represents protection against inflation and the global financial crisis

Hunderds of people gathered in Argentina and created the biggest human Bitcoin simbol in the world.

They were using orange umbrellas and the symbol was 40 meters tall.

The organizer said that the event was focused on the whole world. They also pointed out that the Bitcoin logo formation is representing a Bitcoin role as a protecition against inflation and the global financial crisis.

FYI: The monthly inflation rate in Argentina increased by 7.8% in May of 2023. ICIS, the global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services is expecting annual rate of inflation in Argentina to average 147% in 2023.

If that is not enough from Argentina, they are soon having upcoming presidential elections, and one of the candidates that is actually leading in the polls is “pro Bitcoin” (don't want to say Bitcoin maximalist).

He even appeared in the official TV Channel of Buenos Aires “where they hung a model of the Central Bank as if it were a piñata. Then he was blindfolded, and got a stick so he could smash it to pieces.”

Here is a nitter link for that aswell

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43 thoughts on “Seven days ago in Argentina, hundreds of people created the world’s largest human Bitcoin logo using umbrellas. They stated that the ₿ symbol represents protection against inflation and the global financial crisis”

  1. Potentially another country making Bitcoin legal tender? Sounds like what Bitcoin was made for. LFG

  2. Nice action! Yesterday a saw a guy wearing a hodl btc shirt. Somehow these little things are keeping ones smile on the face.

  3. Countries like Argentinia really value Bitcoin. It’s their only escape from inflation

  4. This is precisely the sort of situation where BTC can make a genuine difference. Hope the people of Argentina are able to get a handle on that inflation because- yikes

  5. Nice move.
    BTC is a hedge against inflation. I can’t to see many countries adopt Crypto in years to come.
    Those umbrellas are umbrellas of hope.

  6. If I lived in Argentina I’d be all in crypto at this point. Even if they don’t want the volatility risk of Bitcoin, they can easily buy stablecoins pegged to USD and diversify their risk across the top stablecoins in the market.

    That’s if they can’t buy USD easily without getting rinsed on fees (which they will be given the likely demand for USD Vs the Peso which is experiencing hyperinflation)

  7. The part of the leading candidate being pro-BTC. I wouldn’t be so eager to trust that. Politicians are known to push certain agendas to garner vote.

    Even our sub’s beloved Gary Gensler was once “pro-crypto”.

  8. Solid post OP. A breath of fresh air in this echo chamber.

    Inflation is here and hyperinflation is coming. Bitcoin is the answer

  9. Very bullish stuff, a movement is a powerful thing, no matter how small it is right now.

  10. It’s going to take time but people will eventually realise that the fiat system is rigged long term.

  11. Headline was really cool, but that’s really not THAT many people. It looks like ~500-600 people, which is something, but hardly an entire country.

  12. When bitcoin’s performance is better than the country’s currency that you use, there is nothing wrong with you protesting. they feel cheated by the power of their currency which is so weak and inflated.

  13. Small good news like this makes me believe that crypto has a very bright future

  14. Looks like a fun way to get your message across. They did a good job with those umbrellas.

  15. Not running your country into the ground would be better protection but Argentinans just can’t help it.
    The most aggravating thing about Argentinans is their arrogance- they are utterly convinced that they are god’s gift to South America.

  16. Honestly, the only thing that can try to fix any of this is not having corrupt politicians and leaders.

  17. Geez. I wasn’t convinced of the use case for Bitcoin until I saw a couple hundred Argentinians doing this.

  18. And here many Americans are using crypto to flesh out an investment portfolio. Things like this should help educate those willing to learn exactly what crypto was/is meant to be.

  19. What’s hilarious is I thought last year the IMF put in place a bunch of anti Bitcoin language in their re-up?

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