Selling all my btc for cake and auto staking

5 figures goin in to the auto stake 1880usd roughly a month rather then getting wrecked on my swings and price drop

15 thoughts on “Selling all my btc for cake and auto staking”

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  2. Good joke but I don’t think anyone around here would sell The King to bet on an inflationary coin from a dying blockchain.

  3. Damn, and I thought I was a risk taker. That’s too daring for my blood. Hope it works out for you though OP!

  4. I would never do this but I hope you gonna make a good amount of money, and come back with more BTC!

  5. For real ID keep that Bitcoin til it goes back up and then sell and get the cake, I got the cake right now. Trust it anit worth all that.

    DeFi kingdoms my cousin showed me he’s getting like 450+% Apr

    Shits crazy but it’s legit

  6. That’s a bad move that you’ll regret. You’re selling quality for ponzinomics with an incompetent bunch of devs/chefs. If you like staking, then you should sell CAKE and buy IOTA and stake as you’ll get Shimmer and Assembly tokens for the price of one. Hope you don’t get rekt from CAKE pipe dream.

    Traded by Millions, Trusted with Billions, devalued by Inflation

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