50 thoughts on “Self Custody”

  1. Filling with oil seems like overkill if you’re sealing the ends….

    But did you even protect the seed with a passphrase? So that when I come and dig it up, I cannot just sweep the coins into my own wallet?!?

  2. Make sure to salt the cache area with a large handful of steel nuts and bolts….that will confuse any metal dectectorists.

  3. The oil will eventually breakdown no? Creating a sticky mess? If those stamped metal pieces aren’t stainless they could rust Ad fuse together

  4. The Bomb Squad will blow this up when they find it. 🙈😉 You can then say, “I was there when Bitcoin blew up”

  5. Good luck convincing the world that bitcoin is safer than a bank with posts like this.

  6. 10 years later clearing out the junk draw, stupid piece of pipe straight in the bin 😂

  7. I recommend that you decrease your attack surface by not advertising to the world how you store your keys.

  8. For all this effort I would’ve went with stainless washers especially because they’re outside. I have considered the idea incase of a house fire.

  9. If you want to up your self-custody game, check out The Tordl Wallet Protocols which are holistic guides to storing your bitcoin securely.

  10. That’s my decoy seed phrase. You think I’d keep my crypto sealed in a pipe buried underground where anyone could find it?

  11. After 25 years, opens tube.. checks email and pictures on phone and post-it note in wallet to confirm all matches..

  12. Creative but terrible solution. Did you also make a treasure map with a big X on it and burned edges in case something happens to you? What if it rains and your yard floods and mud slides? What if gophers find it and move it?

  13. Hopefully you used mineral oil because some types of oil will cause plastic to fail over time.

  14. To make it even better –

    Three bolts.

    Numbers on each bolt –

    Bolt A = 1-16
    Bolt B = 8-24
    Bolt C = 1-8 & 17-24

    Now you need three hiding places, however you only need two bolts to recover. And if someone finds one of your hiding places they cannot steal your coins.

  15. Put access to your wallet in one place – check
    Make it easily findable with any metal detector – check
    Go on public forum and tell the world – check

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