Scroogecoin ($Scrooge) UP 30x in 4 weeks – A legit gaming & gambling utility play on BSC – Based in USA

Hey guys,

SCROOGECOIN just released 4 weeks ago, is up 30x, and has 2000+ holders already. Ill briefly explain why this is a great legit 1000x investment and not a gamble ala the BSC shitcoin casino.

This is a gaming & gambling play whereby holders of SCROOGE get access to a free to play casino funded by BUSD & SCROOGE. The Casino is unlinke anything in the crypto space because it is free to play for holders of scrooge. No losing, only the opportunity to win. Buys/sells, and casino payouts ALL reflect 8% to all holders. Depending on the amount invested right now, you could see 10x-100x your initial investment in reflections daily/weekly/monthly. Of course this is dependent on daily volume.

  • Holders get 8% BUSD rewards just for holding** off every buy & sell transaction (this includes casino payouts). 10x-100x+ potential returns daily when daily volume takes off
  • Fully DOXXED owner based in the USA
  • Regular live video AMAs on YouTube with owner & CEO
  • FREE to play Casino only for holders of SCROOGE where you can win more SCROOGE which gives holders MORE 8% BUSD reflections
  • No whales as seen on BSCScan
  • Marketing wallet contains 100T SCROOGE to fund the Casino
  • High liquidity – Locked for 6 months

Heres a calculator you can use to see reflections based on amounts:


There is no other token that is doing this at the moment. The gaming / gambling industry is in the hundreds of billions if not trillions of revenue. James (the CEO) has every intention to make this the #1 gaming & gambling in the cryptocurrency world. He is working tirelessly day & night and has been nothing but gracious and transparent. James is on the Telegram all day answering questions, helping new holders, and running the day to day. There is no other coin that will provide this level of support.

This thing is going to rocket, bigtime.

This is NOT a rugpull, this is not a hype/meme coin. Think EverGrow, with way better reflections and a free to earn casino utility that also pays holders reflections on payouts.

LIVE video AMAs with CEO found on ScroogeCoin YouTube. His name is James, if you join the Telegram you can ask him any questions you may have before investing.



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LIVE Video YouTube AMAs found here:

Hope you all had a great new year!

3 thoughts on “Scroogecoin ($Scrooge) UP 30x in 4 weeks – A legit gaming & gambling utility play on BSC – Based in USA”

  1. Once people hear about our P2E casino, 8% BUSD reflections, fully doxxed CEO and USA BASED! they’re all about #SCROOGECOIN

  2. Don’t 💤 on this and FOMO in at the top….this project is just gaining serious momentum and we have just barely approached the 2k holder threshold. I don’t know any project that’s this small in terms of holder count that eats up 152 BNB sells inside of 8 hours lol

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