$SCORPFIN | Hyperdeflationary token with double reward of 10% BNB and 5%ScorpFin | two own DApps already up and running | Audit from InterFi | Doxxed Team | Own ScorpSwap with staking, farming and lottery | development of own Game Metaverse, first gameplay videos already available | Listed on CMC

Scorpion Finance is a new ecosystem based on Binance Smart Chain, combining DeFi, NFT and GameFi, with more DApps, a hyper-deflationary token with dual rewards for holders in $BNB and $SCORPFIN and its own VR/AR Gaming Metaverse in development

Major ecosystem projects:

ScorpFolio, a web and mobile version cryptocurrency portfolio control app. Now controls assets based on Binance Smart Chain, other networks will be added soon

ScorPay – payment app for everyday use, with cryptocurrency payment options

ScorpSwap – DeFi platform with exchange, staking and farming capabilities

ScorpNFTracker Market – app for creating, trading and tracking NFT, with $SCORPFIN reward

Scorp Games – own Game Metaverse – SCORPMetaverse, a type of game, partially owned and operated by the player, with elaborate gameplay and quality graphics. This is a higher version of Metaverse and a new trend in the gaming ecosystem where for example users can buy lands and actually experience the lands, become a part of it.

The game takes place in multiple universes, starts from earth where the player overcomes some obstacles in order to get a key to the portal that will lead to a particular universe. It's a very engaging game and players will earn tokens/coins which can be accessed through Trust or Metamask wallets.

The development team is public and passed the KYC by InterFi. Experienced with Japanese gaming giant Square Enix and US gaming giant Zynga, developed testing environments for Toyota, Subaru and Honda, corporate VR/AR solutions. Provided a gaming environment for testing autonomous vehicles that was used at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, as well as CG services in movies and TV shows such as The Jungle Book and War of the Worlds Z,

The token is $SCORPFIN based on the Binance Smart Chain

Token Address(BEP20): 0x475c8df9860e42605d9917f0a2e522cc861cbf82

Total Supply – 100B $SCORPFIN

10% Reflection Reward in $BNB and 5% Reflection Reward in $SCORPFIN

2% of every transaction is transformed into $SCORPFIN (2%) for auto Buyback burn.

Audit from InterFi Passed

Listed on CMC, CoinGecko, PancakeSwap

Learn More – scorpion-finance dot com

Chat – telegram ScorpFin

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