Scammed for my entire portfolio

So I went for this like a total noob: So stupid, but still, one click of a button to eradicate your life savings is brutal, only in crypto..

6 assets transferred to different addresses after I approved the tx in the wallet to “check if allegeable for for airdrop”, the main one on ETH is this:

while the other ones to different addresses like this: :

I reported to Mm support last week but they stopped replying. Will report to local police as a formality. But is there anything else to be done? Can anyone more experienced see if these tansactions can be tracked further? Why are they, like in the last example, sent to networks which at least have their official names, like Roko network?
And don't bother more scam attempts, I'm broke anyway so no use.

6 thoughts on “Scammed for my entire portfolio”

  1. Nothing to do, you fell for a blatant scam

    In the future, wallet guard or a similiar extension will save you from a bad blind sign by telling you exactly what permissions you’re signing for and give you ample warnings.

  2. It is so unbelievably easy that I’m thinking about starting my own honey pot site. People are so greedy that click anything and everything.

    >…one click of a button to eradicate your life savings is brutal, only in crypto..

    Just another example that crypto is unsafe.

    But realistically, what do expect meta mask should do? Think ๐Ÿค” instead of you?

  3. scammers, hackers these people are horrible hoping they’d get the worst karma in life. I’ve seen lots of these scam cases lately esp in eth and matic, so sad that you’re one of them. Lesson learned brother.

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