Scam email

Just received this email and wondering if anyone else has received it past few days ? I’m 95% sure it’s scam but not 100% about it .

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  1. Please bear in mind that no one from the Trezor team would send you a private message first.
    If you want to discuss a sensitive issue, we suggest contacting our Support team via the Troubleshooter:

    No one from the Trezor team (Reddit mods, Support agents, etc) would ever ask for your recovery seed!
    Beware of scams and phishings:

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  2. I’m really curious what the common thread/leak is because everyone and their cousin is seemingly getting phished recently.

  3. Got exactly the same thing. It’s a bit worrying as it seems there’s campaign around scamming people with Trevor devices.

  4. I’m not getting an email like this and I’ve had a Trezor for 3 years. And I’m on 5 different exchanges. People be to free with there information.

  5. From my understanding , There is zero reason to ever worry or be confused about stuff like this. Trezor will never send out emails. And firmware updates will be on social media for all eyes to see…and also when you connect your trezor it will tell you that your firmware needs updated. And you have the choice to update it at that time or not at that time.

    Again, if you have a question, or if you are unsure, before you do anything, check with Trezor via their socials pages. Do not do anything without fiat verifying/asking in a public forum.. and never ever ever ever ever click on any links no matter how real or legit it may seem.

    Oh, and do not click on any unfamiliar coin in your trezor that you see when you connect it. “Coins” with phishing or malware can be sent to public receive addresses on the blockchain. Just ignore them.

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