Satoshi! I choose YOU!

A letter by Lerk

I believe this is the simplest answer to the myth and legend we have all pondered since we discovered Bitcoin.

Satoshi Tajiri Creator of Pokemon, is Satoshi 'Nakamoto' Creator of Bitcoin.

Let's delve in…

Satoshi Tajiri invented the p2p code, trading Pokemon with your devices 'Gameboy' in 1996, it took 6 years to develop the original pokemon 'pokemon Green/red' and was the first game to introduce trading digital assets via a network 'the link cable' the first instance of this kind of code ever seen. A breakthrough far ahead of its time, Satoshi could not find any existing ways to achieve this idea, so he worked it out himself.

Nakamoto translates to 'the one in the middle'. One can see how this choice of name is fitting.

Pokemon can be traded without an intermediary. Each pokemon is uniquely identifiable, there cannot be duplicates of the same pokemon you have caught or acquired, ie 'double spent'.

Even as new generations of the game arrived 'gold/silver' the pokemon remained compatible, and transfered along with their specific unique traits, it was even discovered that the first Gen games did contain 'shiny pokemon' a 1/8192 chance of obtaining a shiny existed in 'acquired' pokemon. Though the games graphics did not reveal unless traded to new Gen games. To reiterate, every pokemon is uniquely identifiable.

Pokemon green/red/blue, (151 unique pokemon, 15 types, 161 unique moves, 255 usable items, 338 trainer battles, exponential uniquely identifiable, personalized (nameable) pokemon, and a p2p trading system,) was masterfully built using 512KB. The size of one average .jpeg

Incentive: Satoshi 'Nakamoto' Tajiri is very reclusive, has done very little public appearances, he would be a multi-billionaire, with no need for personal gain. He created the largest most valuable media brand in the world 'Pokemon' in 1996… (And possibly again with the most recognized brand 'Bitcoin' in 2008.)

When you look at developing the pokemon and the games, its not a stretch to see how these systems are related. How Satoshi Tajiri was in search of a way to make sure everyone's pokemon was unique, secure, uncopiable, digital assets, that you can exchange securely pier to pier. Hmm familiar, I think so.

He succeeded and released Pokemon green in 1996. Giving him 12 years to consider the implications of this coding protocol before Bitcoin appeared in 2008. It's acknowledged Pokemon gen 1 is coding masterpiece ahead of its time, and even saved the ageing portable console, extending it's use case an extra 2-5 years.

Tajiri is one of the very few people in the world who could develop Bitcoin, but why? did he have incentive,?
Yes, the Japanese economy is severely impacted by the central banking system.
Japan has developed a highly diversified manufacturing and service economy, but has always been one of the largest holders of US bonds. Japan's ultralow rates have pushed domestic capital abroad and popularized a carry trade of borrowing yen to buy U.S. Treasuries, pressuring the yen and buoying the dollar. Japanese investors are by far the largest foreign owners of Treasuries, holding $1.1 trillion as of August, almost 40% more than Chinese investors.
– In short, Japan billionaires, corporations & the 'Bank of Japan' are the largest holders of US debt in the world… By quite a significant margin… Make of that what you will.

Satoshi remains to this day CEO of 'Game Freak', owner of the pokemon brand. The highest grossing media franchise in the world. He certainly doesn't need money and would be far beyond valuing things in fiat terms at this point. Likely to have more ideological pursuits outside of his known works.

But let's get back to good stuff, Pokemon!
Cold wallets are pokeballs,
You store and trade pokemon via a PC,
A Pokedex is like the validator and ledger system.

((The following two descriptions is taken from a 'bitcoin takeover article by: Vlad Costea)
“Bitcoin is a superb piece of software like Porygon,

According to its Pokedex description, Porygon is created entirely from programming code. It’s an unlikely invention which exists both in the cyberspace and in the physical world, and can make use of computer technology to travel across large distances.

Mewtwo is a Pokemon created by science, while the official Pokedex refers to it as being the result of genetic manipulation. It is also said that the scientists who engineered Mewtwo forgot to give it a compassionate heart – and this state of neutral nihilism is also similar to the Bitcoin network.” ))

Now to wrap things up, because, this probably doesn't matter, and nobody will really care anyway.-

I believe Satoshi Tajiri is the only person who had the technical skill AND the ideology required to do this, whilst also having zero financial incentives or desire for personal gain. I believe he left Bitcoin development to return to, and care for his 'first child', his passion, his empire… Pokemon.

These similarities and connections cannot be ignored. I'm looking forward to comments ripping my geeky arse a new one. But try as I have, I've not found any other discussion on this subject, some others seem to have made the connection but not in such a direct way, and have not expanded on the possibilities. So I invite you, the reader of this post, and lover of Pokemon that you are, to join me and share in this theory.

Satoshi IS Satoshi
1 Satoshi is equal to… The other Satoshi.
End rant

Pokemon was the first game I ever played. I remember the thrill of finally defeating 'The rival' in the backseat of my dad's car while on the way to our local pool for a swim, playing on my 'Gameboy gold special edition' (Australia only). I was 9 years old and the game remains to this day as my favorite video game ever. Those Pokemon was all I cared about in those days, not unlike my feeling towards Bitcoin today, now in my 30's, it takes a significant understanding of both to draw these two coding masterpieces to a parallel. But if you care to look, it becomes very clear.

Now you know. Or maybe you don't. “If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry.” We all got more pokemon to collect, if you get what I mean. 😉
o7 -Lerk