Sapphire and cBridge Integration Connect Top EVM Chains

A couple of months back, there was a key piece of development that promised to be a game-changer in the world of interoperability of the dynamic web3 dApp ecosystem. I am talking about the Celer Interchain Messaging (IM) Framework integration with Oasis Sapphire that enhanced OPL functionality by putting in place a robust and secure two-way message-passing bridge. Then during a recent workshop, we got the first glimpse of cBridge, still in the testing phase. We were also promised that the full Celer bridging suite would soon be available to Oasis Sapphire users, which meant both IM and cBridge. The promise has been fulfilled now. Celer's cBridge is live on Oasis Sapphire.

The significance of this integration is far-reaching as it is a testament to interoperability and smart privacy in web3 working in tandem. It also brings together the top EVM chains like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon and connects them seamlessly to Oasis Sapphire's confidential EVM. As a result, users can enjoy the experience of a premium-design decentralized non-custodial asset bridge for cross-chain token transfers in the most secure way.

Besides the native token ROSE, bridging of the following tokens among the four networks will be available.

  • WETH: 0xfc6b18d694F2D137dB762B152736Ba098F9808d9
  • USDC: 0x2c2E3812742Ab2DA53a728A09F5DE670Aba584b6
  • USDT: 0xE48151964556381B33f93E05E36381Fd53Ec053E
  • WBTC: 0xE9533976C590200E32d95C53f06AE12d292cFc47
  • BNB: 0xe95E3a9f1a45B5EDa71781448F6047d7B7e31cbF
  • MATIC: 0xa349005a68FA33e8DACAAa850c45175bbcD49B19

For a more detailed understanding of how cBridge works on Sapphire, and how the features and functionalities can be an innovative step forward for the web3 experience of crypto natives and crypto newbies alike, Oasis and Celer took to X (Twitter) for a session of insightful discussion. The key takeaway: adoption of Oasis smart privacy technologies has a long-term positive impact on web3, and cBridge integration with Sapphire is its latest evidence.