SafeMoon V2 Sunday AMA – 1/9 – 1ST SAFEMOON OF THE YEAR!

SafeMoon Joe

SafeMoon V2 Sunday AMA – 1/9 – 1ST SAFEMOON OF THE YEAR!

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4 thoughts on “SafeMoon V2 Sunday AMA – 1/9 – 1ST SAFEMOON OF THE YEAR!”

  1. It’s crazy to me that so many of the holders lost all their coins and so much money and the developers don’t care at all. Doesn’t make me like the coin or project at all.

  2. Yeah and not one word about psafemoon being able to migrate
    And at least 16000 peace safe moon holders have seen no reflections for 14 days or at least I have not
    What's so hard about this for this so called Tech company that they keep telling that they are

  3. Joe you definitely from NY love your style and anthusiasim for Safemoon diamond hands for real I don't care about the Fudsters don't care about them believer hard core. Stay real Joe…

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