Safemoon tweeted(X’ed?) a statement that they intend to continue Safemoon “development”, even though founders arrested and assets are up to be seized by courts. They just can’t let the rugpull die.

Check out the tweet.

Maybe we should have not expected any less from Safemoon but they seem to intend to continue the slow rug. If it wasn’t obvious to every single person by now that Safemoon is a complete scam there is no helping that person. But it should also be completely evident that this project that was dead after they started rugging just months into the project after it hit all time highs and they somehow seem to think they can continue fooling the “Safemoon Army”.

Two of the founders have been arrested with another charged and still at large facing charges from the justice department. They also also facing charges from the SEC. I can’t for the life of the understand how they plan to “continue to build” or simply that people will still believe in them. What’s worse, having any attachment at all to the project is a smoking gun to also have you implicated in the trial and charges as well. There’s just no way this works out. But people be greedy I guess.

At the very least, r/Safemoon seems to be taking this well, at least for those who both to comment and post. Probably because most of them by now already knew it was a scam and their money was gone.

For those wondering where the money went:

All of which are identified as forfeitable(claimable by courts), in addition to other luxury cars and items.

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  2. If people are gonna keep giving us money and some of us are insulated from legal recourse…. we’re gonna keep taking your money.

  3. After an altcoin like safemoon is created what more development can take place? Do they need to manually unlock coins or mass sell coins? Are there any legit reasons or is it more likely rugpull 2.0?

  4. If you ever feel useless in life, just remember, that someone somewhere today has bought “the dip” on safemoon.

  5. So basically they are giving “hopes” to their community so they can keep rug pulling them. Smart.

  6. There is no saving or continuing Safemoon . It always have been one man show run by Karony . I am surprised after all the shit the main sub folks are still running around with hopium.

  7. Lol I’ll never forget when I educated my boss and his son 3 years ago to buy bitcoin and became very confused when the next day he said they all bought a new crypto called “safemoon” instead. I wonder if they ever sold?

  8. I wonder who is controlling this twitter account now.

    If there are currently no “teams” actually working on the project, which is likely, then this is just more fraud.

    More evidence for the current trial or maybe someone else who needs to be indicted.

  9. Wow grifting even while going to jail, amazing. These guys are true criminals

  10. I feel bad for all folks that were swindled. These thieves are the worst – living off peoples dreams. May their mouths get vigorously used by their many cellmates.

  11. There’s a saying in Spanish (or at least in my country,) they goes: “la lavaza se acaba antes que los marranos”

  12. I really wish I were savvy and unethical enough to scam these dumbass crypto “investors”. Just offer risk free astronomical returns and morons will wait in line for the chance to be scammed

  13. I remember watching a Coffeezilla video where he interviews some admin who is working to get paid in the token (company scrip). The gist was “I’ve been rug pulled a bunch of times so I know what to look for, and this is definitely not a scam’. Spinal Tap level interview

  14. This scam coin just won’t die. The founders are so greedy they’ll keep trying to milk whatever’s left from their braindead “army”. Safemoon holders deserve what’s coming.

  15. My $1500 investment is still worth $50. Maybe this new development will help bring it to $0

  16. When Safemoon posts are off the front page I’ll post a big album compilation of some of the most fucking ridiculous cope I’ve seen since the indictments. It’s truly wild.

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