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#SafeMoon In this video we discuss about Safemoon and the latest updates! With a spice of ta SWAP and EVOLVE ► e Safemoon’s Wallet ► /> ► 5 Tags ►safemoon,cryptocurrency,coinbase,altcoin,dogecoin Tags ►safemoon,cryptocurrency,coinbase,altcoin,dogecoin #binance #coinbase #xrp #newaltcoins #finance #ripple #stocks #binary #hodl #bitcoinexchange #altcoin #success #blockchaintechnology #mining #usa #cryptoworld #wealth #motivation #financialfreedom #cryptomining #bitcoinbillionaire #trade #altcoins #ico #gold #stockmarket #wallstreet #cryptoinvestor #cryptotrader #newaltcoin #alts #cryptoalts #cryptooasis #cryptopromodio #advertisingincrypto


  1. Thanks Father….
    Have Joe delete his channel,
    I unsubscribed from his channel as soon as I heard he sold out with his paper hands But other channels that I'm still subscribed to plays his ignorant rants…..I guess he among others don't understand the concept of diamond hand's 😁 – no matter what " up down" it does'nt matter , aquire it and forget about it – very simple concept actually 💎💪🏼💪🏼's baybayyy 😎.

  2. you realize they are just saying this to get the same suckers and fool to give them more money right?!?! Why would anyone spend money on a crypto that you will have to take at minimum a 50% loss the whole time you own it? And that doesnt even count the fact that its a shitcoin and has been dropping

  3. Here I am again JWK, not trying to completely debate with you. I honestly hope safemoon does moon! I've been holding and I will always hold. But, I have seen others speak about this and I have to say, some of these questions are good ones. Safemoon deliberately decided not to answer about the card. Although, quarter 2 is almost over. Plus, the card won't increase our safemoon price. It will, if anything, drop the price. Why? When you spend your safemoon using the card, the safemoon is essentially sold. Giving you the current fiat price. The card allows you to spend your safemoon with less fees. What is safemoons counter to this? What about pSafemoon? A good number of holders (including me) with money wrapped up in it. pSafemoon holders have been forgotten. What about holder from V1 that lost their safemoon due to the 100% tax? I have not seen any answer on any of these issues. There are only 2 things joe was using that coffeezilla brought up. Joe's resource is not coffeezilla but someone else that was or is someone of John's inner circle. I do think Joe should bring all information to the table and allow holders to then make a decision. Dragging this on is only going to make holders continue to hold. And if safemoon does dump, it could be too late. Focus more on the news and less on Joe. If he eats his words, then he will have a feast. The price predictions are on point though. I do enjoy seeing you run the charts.

  4. Joe is truly nagging…he needs his own reality show. Real housewife of Boston.

  5. Joe is only around for his own gain, all his actions show he's desperate for the attention.

  6. SafeMoon Joe is a fudster! I unsubscribed from his channel! Look at SafeMoon Joe’s subscribers go down by the minute. Give it up to the JWK show! You have a new subscriber!

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