SafeMoon Releasing Something BIG Tomorrow?

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SafeMoon Releasing Something BIG Tomorrow?

Lots of update changes to the official SafeMoon twitter account and teases from the CEO suggest something big may be coming tomorrow (Friday). MEXC Referral link – /> Or use code 1QrH3 Become a Patron today on Patreon – s Merch store – m Ellipal Cold Storage Wallet Referral Link – /> Save $5 by using coupon code: ELLPAL Start your investment journey with free stocks with Webull! / Earn interest through Blockfi and get up to $250 in crypto bonus using my referral – 8 #SafeMoon #SafeMoonArmy #safemoonwallet

10 thoughts on “SafeMoon Releasing Something BIG Tomorrow?”

  1. Alright….what's going on….Area 32….NFTs…etc!! SafeMoon calls their project to do advertisements in space…an NFT project.

    DarkMoon Tim and I reported on this last fall. The mission to the moon. WELL….that scheduled launch is….COUNTING DOWN!! It launches in..2Weeks!!


    ….last fall. Karony posted his advertising in space, satellite picture with the SafeMoon logo on it. And then admitted this was coming, and SafeMoon is involved in it.

    And that it was a cubesatellite. Which is being launched to the Moon…by Elon. And the cubesatellite….was built by, and connected too Geometric Energy in Calgary, Canada. And that it was Geometric Energy, who paid Elon…$1million dollars in…DOGE Coin. And as such….Elon called it the Doge1 launch to the Moon. Ok….

    In which Thomas Smith posted after he completed his programming. That without his programming….at Geometrric Energy; for Elon and SpaceX. The Doge1 satellite launch would not have occurred!! AND….On Instagram…the Chief Science Officer for Geometric Energy confirmed. That this launch to the Moon would not be happening…if it hadn't been for Thomas Smith….WHICH!! Karony confirmed that Thomas Smith did his job well, for SafeMoon. Alright….

    If you put a space ship in orbit….you have to be able to track it, and co tool it!! Which requires a bade of computer operations. Well….

    That base of operations is apparently located at the Skin Walker Ranch. As its loaded with co.puters, and screen monitors. And who put a like on the Instagram pictures of the satellite control equipment inside the Skin Walker Ranch, sayellite control base….the same Chief Science Officer at Geometric Energy. Who owns Skin Walker….Bryan Fugal!!

    Who posted pictures of Area 32 stating that its a short flight from SafeMoon Headquayers…. John Karony!!

    Alright….if your gonna do advertising in Space….and if your hiring marketing executives as SafeMoon is. YOU HAVE TO HAVE SOMEYHING TO MARKET!!!!!!!

    And where would you market SafeMoon advertisements from the space. On a big bill board in Times Square.

    Ok….the launch to the Moon was suppose to Launch early March, 2022. But got delayed. Because NASA had not given Elon a launch window.

    Alright….but that launch window is now s jedule June 29th, 2022. Which is why you're seeing all this hi ting of something big coming in June. Also….you need a blockchain too.

    Oh…and more I fo. Geo.eyric is Lau ching this DOGE1 to the moon now, this June. Then in October this year….Geometric Energy, will be launching g another satellite, in high earth orbit.

    And….all of this… for NASA"s and Elon "Artemis" space Colony on the moon. As on Elon'sission the moon in a couple weeks carrying the DOGE1 Satellite . The launch is also carrying a Moon Rover to the moon. For another company….called IM.

    So anyway….all of this is in documents. We'll have to wait till the end of the month. To makes sure it's all still coming together.

    But all the information is all in published documents…


  2. Honestly I really don’t care anymore, don’t care about the hype or whatever. I Just see it as….meh. Why? Because not getting my hopes up. Trust me it helps a lot lol

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  5. does it mean they are going to add Luna classic to the swap and then later on the exchage

  6. Let’s hope they migrate all the loyal holders from Psafemoon wtf 🤬 is happening this is ridiculous. Plus add on all our list reflections from the last 6 months handcuffed and not being able to sell or trade😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

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