SafeMoon Just MANUALLY Lowered THIS!

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SafeMoon Just MANUALLY Lowered THIS!

SafeMoon has made a major update to their code that has now lowered the gas fee! Eco Warriors (NFT) Twitter – s Eco Warriors (NFT) website – m Eco Warriors (NFT) Discord – N MEXC Referral link – /> Become a Patron today on Patreon – s Merch store – m Ellipal Cold Storage Wallet Referral Link – /> Save $5 by using coupon code: ELLPAL Start your investment journey with free stocks with Webull! / Earn interest through Blockfi and get up to $250 in crypto bonus using my referral – 8 #SafeMoon #SafeMoonArmy #SafeMoonSWAP

10 thoughts on “SafeMoon Just MANUALLY Lowered THIS!”

  1. So the mods were lying and deflecting yet again, when a ton of holders were complaining about the extraordinary high fees. They blamed it on Binance. Such a scam as per usual

  2. I think they should increase gas fees

    Not by much but enough to give the LP a lil bologne

  3. That project Pheonix is Karony’s pet project and it reflects on Karony and his directionless leadership. Pheonix initially started out as a way to “bank the unbanked” in Africa, then pivoted to a windmill and clean energy project, and then became a way to burn tokens. “Pheonix” remains a misspelled name in search of a purpose.

    That senior figures at SafeMoon grew so tired of Karony, Phoenix, and the vagaries of SafeMoon’s leadership, they created Piggybank token to escape SafeMoon.

  4. How about we reduce the 10% tax. That shit is way to high. If we could make it 5% that would be a lot better.

  5. Shortly after this they rolled back the contract to a version from 29th of May, but never told anyone. Gas fees are high again :/

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