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#safemoon Safemoon has brought so much amazing things into my life. I have met the greatest people in safemoon and I have been around since almost the begining. The hope and enthusiasm about safemoon lingers and goes away more and more when you realize that you are being played. Alot of people are going to attack me more than likely, but to be honest it does not matter anymore. I am not going to pretend everything is fine when we have real issues that need to be addressed. Safemoon holders, I dealt with alot of crap for you and today I quit putting up with the deception. I am here for financial freedom and I am going to get it and show proof of it on this channel with whoever is with me. Join SafeMoon Joe Today! Z Minted Crypto: / Up to 20% Off Parliament Wallet: e Get your ExpressVPN Here: F Ellipal Cold Wallet Storage: c Taxes for Your Crypto EASILY – TaxBit: 5 2 Free stocks with $5 deposit ONLY TODAY WeBULL: J Safemoon Swap: X Discord: r Twitter: y Safemoon Joe Facebook: g Safemoon Official Facebook: j safemoon,safemoon wallet,safemoon wallet preview,safemoon joe,Safe moon,safemoon latest news,safemoon today,safemoon live,safemoon analysis today,safemoon update today,safemoon update,safemoon analysis,safemoon news update,safemoon crypto,safemoon prediction,safemoon news today,safemoon wallet app,safemoon news,safemoon binance,Safemoon blockchain,Safemoon buy,safe moon joe,safemoon joe quit,safemoon joe live,safemoon joe video I am not a financial advisor this is purely my opinion. #safemoonjoe #safemoonwallet

10 thoughts on “SAFEMOON ARMY! I QUIT…”

  1. Keeping it 100% Preach it brotha.. i sold all mine and If we go down enough i'll buy back in.. but yeah I'm making money in other plays 🙂 Keep being loyal and honest babe

  2. Lol dude gtfoh, when others made videos like this you laughed at them and said you were never going to do this.

  3. Stellar. XLM. Banking the unbanked…..What SM said they were going to do is what Stellar is doing

  4. Soo not cool. It's all none of our business.
    Suspect you've been paid by your source.

  5. We do not have to sell safe mode we can sell any crypto we have in our wallet so if we sell another crypto it does not affect our price it helps our price go up

  6. Whaddyaknow? You claim to know so much "verifiable" info but choose not to share? Please stop hinting at what you supposedly know and just come out with it! You want John or others to speak frankly yet you yourself are acting deceptively. Seriously? I'm not frustrated by what you've said; it's what you didn't say.

  7. Joe I understand what you're saying but you have to take some responsibility for building the safe Moon cult – army.

  8. Why the hate for someone making as much money as they can???? If you could make 3 mil a year you wouldnt be like oh no i shouldnt make that much. What a joke

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