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#safemoon Safemoon army is filled with so many amazing and great people and I have been honestly privileged to talk with. So many amazing Safemoon army members who have been by my side I honestly appreciate you all. Safemoon army I am sorry for bringing you into safemoon and feeling that excitment I felt only to be let down. My intentions were pure and I honestly do care about this community and everyone making it. Sorry for showing you something which turned out to not be what we all thought it was. I honestly wish the best for everyone in the safemoon army. Swello Invite Link: / Join SafeMoon Joe Today! Z Minted Crypto: / Up to 20% Off Parliament Wallet: e Get your ExpressVPN Here: F Ellipal Cold Wallet Storage: c Taxes for Your Crypto EASILY – TaxBit: 5 2 Free stocks with $5 deposit ONLY TODAY WeBULL: J Safemoon Swap: X Discord: r Twitter: y Safemoon Joe Facebook: g Safemoon Official Facebook: j safemoon,safemoon wallet,safemoon wallet preview,safemoon joe,Safe moon,safemoon latest news,safemoon today,safemoon live,safemoon analysis today,safemoon update today,safemoon update,safemoon analysis,safemoon news update,safemoon crypto,safemoon prediction,safemoon news today,safemoon wallet app,safemoon news,Safemoon blockchain,Safemoon buy,safemoon army,safemoon joe sorry,safemoon army sorry,safe moon joe sorry,safe moon joe apology I am not a financial advisor this is purely my opinion. #safemoonjoe #safemoonwallet

9 thoughts on “SAFEMOON ARMY! I AM SORRY…”

  1. Ton of failed promises along the way. Other companies/cryptos are doing and delivery what they say like Shibnobi is making and creating utilities and hitting there time lines or small delivery but delivered on a lot so far.

  2. Blocked from SafeMoon Sanctuary for saying they should call the Twitter Space "They're working on it".

  3. Hey Joe., Everrise with real products, real ama everyday or week – live questions/ answers needs a guy like u to bring awareness to the better honest crypto community.

  4. Slight Reflex drop again. Considering their Chairman's response about Ryan and now your pump on Ryan, it's painfully obvious your in Reflex Finance back pocket. Y'all show your cards so easy. lol

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