Rule #1 Harmony is All of Us

Hi Harmony Fam,

In recent months the community sentiment of the sub has slowly deteriorated for obvious reasons; crypto market downturn, core team reprioritizing, DAO funding, etc. but I’m here to urge one thing to you my fellow Harmonauts: let’s not lose our respect and civility for one another. There is a reason that being kind, respectful, and helpful is our #1 rule for engagement in this sub. If we lose this, then all we'll become is a community of weak, emotional, and degenerate gamblers bickering with one another.

I would ask that you help us mods by reporting comments and posts of trolling and inappropriate behavior. User reports are automatically logged within a users subreddit profile and it makes the job of community moderating more effective as we are then able to respond quicker and more accurately.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea of my intention behind this post, I'm not here to make excuses for, cover up, or whitewash anything in regards to the Harmony teams actions or decisions. We mods are here to moderate civil and open discussions that are inline with our community rules. There is certainly a place for valid and constructive feedback! Dialog can have a huge impact on change and direction of the Harmony blockchain. Many of the Harmony core team members read and participate in this sub. If you haven't already, check out where there is a higher rate of Harmony core team participation.

To each of you who positively engage and participate in the community, thank you!


Rule #1 Harmony is All of Us

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  2. Mods, agree and please. Thank you so much.

    With the latest on the grant approval and/or funding, a lot of them are negativity towards the Harmony team for the sake of personal benefits.

  3. I looked at Harmony like Google when I bought in over a year ago. I researched their team and the engineers. I am not in any crypto telegraph chat nor would I buy or hold any community token. Over the last 12 month, all the community tokens die. Whoever want to change Harmony to a community token from a utility token is trying to lower Harmony value. ETH holders don’t run around and throw the word community. Please don’t cheapen ONE.

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