Revoke questions

first excuse my english, then I'm new to crypto, but I canceled some approvals on , it worked fine, but then I see something under Potential Permit Signatures: SNOOD, what's that?
I canceled it, but then it came back?

just want to add I only have crypto on base the network on meta.

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2 thoughts on “Revoke questions”

  1. Your last image shows SNOOD with “No approval”. It is listed as you are currently holding SNOOD tokens right?

  2. stated clearly: “Because signatures are not stored on the blockchain, there is no way for to know if you actually signed any signatures. So this page contains a list of potential signatures. You only need to cancel these signatures if you are sure that you signed one on a phishing website. Because of this, the potential signature will remain in the list, even after cancelling it.”

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