Remember the 40.25ETH Logan Paul NFT that will give 1% of the revenue from his next fight to the owner? His next fight is coming up.

In 2022, Logan Paul created a NFT collection called 99 Originals which is a collection of 99 polaroid pics taken by Logan Paul.

19/99, titled Who Am I, is a selfie of Logan Paul wearing a mask while on a plane out of Geneva. Its biggest perk is that the holder “receives 1% of net revenue of Logan Paul’s next fight”:

It sold for 40.25ETH or around $43,500 in June 2022:

Logan Paul has a boxing match scheduled for October 2023 and someone found the person who owns this NFT and talked to him:

According to the video, the representatives have confirmed that the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight in October qualifies for the perk.

The owner of the NFT expects Logan Paul to make $10-30 million on this fight, earning him $100-300k. There is a CryptoZoo drama going on obviously.. so it will be interesting to see if this guy gets paid.

I’m personally all for NFTs with actual utility tho would love to know what’s in the smart contract and what the legal implications are. Chances are he’ll get paid before anyone who lost money on jpegs with no utility.

50 thoughts on “Remember the 40.25ETH Logan Paul NFT that will give 1% of the revenue from his next fight to the owner? His next fight is coming up.”

  1. I bet that he will just ignore it. I am super sure about it.

    If someone asks him he will say something like “I am working on it”. He will behave the same like in that $1 million dollar promise of his.

    I am not a fan of Logan or Dillon Danis, but kudos to Dillon for asking him “why won’t you pay back to people from crypto zoo”. That was golden. Video –

  2. I don’t like the guy at all, but this indeed is an interesting use case. If he doesn’t follow up on it, straight to court

  3. I wouldn’t trust Logan Paul when it comes to crypto, considering his last… three or so crypto “projects”

  4. Poor owner got scammed out of 40.25ETH and won’t see a penny from the fight.

    Rule 1: don’t trust influencers

  5. Dillion Danis was also exposed by CoffeeZilla some time back as promoting rugpull NFT scams on his Twitter page

    So it’s not like he’s a good guy to root on as well. This will be the battle of the Rugsters !

  6. I’m not sure if I should be more impressed by the fact that someone spent 40 ETH on a Logan Paul NFT, or that they’re actually going to get paid 1% of his next fight purse.

  7. I bet that the guy with the nft will get hacked and get his nft stolen before the fight happens

  8. Let me guess. The contract is not enforcable in (pick state where the fight is), or… Net revenue is hollywood type of accounting scheme so the person holding the NFT gets $5 and a sandwich.

  9. Does anyone believe this guy ? He has scammed a lot of people and is just a POS in general.

  10. Like fuck will that get paid out! He’s about as trustworthy as a shark as a lifeguard

  11. It really comes down to what ‘net revenue’ means. It doesn’t say 1% of Logan’s purse, it says net revenue of the fight…which I’m sure will not be profitable once all costs have been incurred. This guy is getting $0 IMO

  12. Dude look at the list of people waiting to get their money from him. He is a scammer and a very good one at that.

  13. All he needs to do is pay the dude then have him on a video, podcast etcetc and he’ll make a lot more back.

    Still think he’s a Cnut I’m just saying that’s the smart thing.

  14. i would doubt he is gonna get a cent, if logan paul was a non shady guy, the crypto zoo people wouldve been paid.

  15. We may find out what legal precedence is set with smart contracts that get entered in to.

  16. If the NFT owner is smart, he will sell the NFT to someone else for a profit before the fight.

  17. If the NFT owner actually does get any money from this I bet that Logan Paul will somehow try to twist this as him being honest and paying people.

    Even though he hasn’t paid back anyone.

  18. He also promised to refund crypto zoo loses, which never happened. Never trust a scammer

  19. The guy paid $6 million for a charizard pokemon card and a $1 million dollar engagement ring but he wont pay the victims of his scams back. The guy deserves jail.

  20. I’m getting tired of hearing about Logan Paul and crypto together as much as I don’t care to hear anything crypto related with Elon musk anymore. Screw em both

  21. Logal Paul will expense the CryptoZoo fiasco to the fight promotion making the net revenue negative.

  22. He’ll say it’s 1% of the profits and he didn’t make any money only his bs company did. The only way he pays anything is if he thinks the goodwill will stop the cryptozoo drama.

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