Remember ConstitutionDAO? $PEOPLE is getting listed on Globe Exchange!

TLDR: Me, being quite obsessive about different platforms and exchanges, went for my daily Crypto Twitter binge and noticed an old bag of mine being discussed – ConstitutionDAO. Apparently, the DAO's $PEOPLE token has not fallen in popularity the least bit, which I realised after reading about its listing on the up and coming Globe Exchange this Wednesday.

Before this, I have not heard much about Globe Exchange, but after doing a little digging I found out how the platform is kind of a real competitor to big and established exchanges.

For one, Globe is a crypto exchange, and what makes it stand out are Globe's NASDAQ-level nanosecond processing speeds and a set of advanced functions possible because of the project's own risk engines and high-freq hardware.

What's more powerful is that Globe allows for leverage up to 100x, which is bonkers for the amplification-minded. Also, a lot of interesting pairs are available, such as the volatility BTC-VIX perpetual contract, which can make participating in the market more educational and rewarding.

So, the way I see it, the $PEOPLE token listing on Globe this Wednesday is kind of a stepping stone in the exchange's popularity, considering the fact that Globe is still very new yet already trusted by folks across each continent.

ConstitutionDAO has made an incredible achievement of uniting We3 people to show institutionalists where the real power lies.

Apparently the power is in like-minded people, or should I say $PEOPLE? Forgive my puny puns, but I'm quite excited about this Globe listing as I am writing the post.

And, the $PEOPLE token will also be available to trade with 100x leverage, so one would think that’s something to get excited about. I hope I don't forget this for Wednesday!

If you'd like to check out Globe to get more info, the platform is here, and feel free to read the announcements on their Twitter here:

Remember ConstitutionDAO? $PEOPLE is getting listed on Globe Exchange!