Reef & Binance

🐠 Reef Chain Embraces Binance Connect: Enabling Seamless Fiat On-Ramp for DeFi!
We're thrilled to announce the successful integration of Binance Connect, a fiat-to-crypto payment infrastructure, into the Reef Chain ecosystem.Β 
πŸ› οΈ This integration allows dApps on Reef Chain to access the fiat on-ramp solution through Binance Connect, allowing a seamless and simplified way to participate in the Reef ecosystem while streamlining the onboarding experience for millions of users worldwide.
Binance Connect will create a bridge between fiat and crypto payments by embedding into the Reef Chain, allowing dApps on Reef to set up a direct fiat on-ramp and fostering the growth of DeFi in our ecosystem.
πŸ‘‡Get hands on $REEF with fiat, starting today. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the same.Β 
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