Receiving USDT on Polygon


Im not all that good with crypto and have a some questions.

I send USDT over polygon to my ETH address in Exodus. Does that work? Will I receive USDT or ETH or MATIC or something else? Is it lost? How must this be done properly?

Thank you for your time and explaining me crypto

Receiving USDT on Polygon

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  2. So, you sent USDT to your wallet’s ETH address (probably from an exchange), but chose the MATIC network, yeah?

    Well, that won’t work as Exodus is only supporting USDT on the ETH, SOL and TRX networks, right now.

    Here’s the guide on how to access your USDT and send it back to the exchange so you can try again, choosing the correct network this time:

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  3. you can still have it in control by using your exodus passphrase recovering a metamask wallet and connect to the Polygon network.

    USDT on polygon will not be shown in exodus.

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