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This video goes over real life NTFs and how you can own one item in different worlds. Support this channel by Joining. Another way to support is to buy some merch!! l Follow me on twitter @DarkmoonTim Find me on facebook ————————- This video does not encourage you to buy any of the cryptocurrencies / or investing at all. This is just the opinion of an amateur, not a financial advisor. Before investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend talking to your financial advisor and do your own research. ————————- #Safemoon #Safemoonwallet #Safemoonarmy #Safemoonoperationphoenix #Pheonix #Operationphoenix #Safemoonsqueeze #Safemoonarmy #Safemoonbridge #Safemoonowl #wenlambo #safemoontim

7 thoughts on “REAL LIFE NFTs!!!”

  1. When we buy the NFTs for the turbines, do we buy a portion of the turbine and a portion of its services? Or the whole turbine? If its the latter the NFT could be expensive.

  2. Tim you do Awesome work!!! John mentioned briefly about the gaming side. That would be great to start the education for early adoption to the younger generation. Imagine a game of Space Snakes that you could bring in a supported crypto on SM wallet. You then enter outer space with others. Try and eat each other to gain their tokens/ coins . the bigger you get or the more you eat the more your worth. Its taken from the game currently Available. You could have a free version and a buy in version. Possibilities are endless.

  3. Great video Tim.
    Can I request you to make a video specifically on Safemoon card? What are your thoughts on card and what are your β€œtheories”? πŸ˜€

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