Rally Or Bull Trap? | Peter Schiff Dead Cat Bounce? | Dogecoin & Bitcoin News

David Mitchell Jr

Rally Or Bull Trap? | Peter Schiff Dead Cat Bounce? | Dogecoin & Bitcoin News

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10 thoughts on “Rally Or Bull Trap? | Peter Schiff Dead Cat Bounce? | Dogecoin & Bitcoin News”

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  2. Crypto dead. Everyone got scammed. Only winners were youtube "experts" and exchanges. Lol 😅 🤣

  3. Even with the economic fluctuation, I'm so excited I've been earning$ 45,000 from my $ 10,000 investment everyday 10 days .

  4. I say bull trap I welcome it because if I can get back into profit on eth I am out and will wait for the tank and get back in at a better average I added at $990 brought my average down to $1178 now lol 😆

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