Quickswap Twilight Yelan

Veyn Genshin

Quickswap Twilight Yelan

📚 Build: w 💝 Genshin emojis in your comment by joining us! (next to Subscribe button) 💬 Come & chat with us! Discord: 4 🎶 COUNTER ATTACK-MARLEY Amazing music credit to @Jaden-Core! s ⚙️ In-game settings: All High, No Bloom 💻 ASUS Zephyrus G14 – Ryzen 7 5800HS – RTX 3050 About: A low-spender account with NO RESIN refreshes, EVER (Welkin only + 3 times BP). In terms of artifacts and economy, it’s very F2P friendly (playing since day 1). Welkin is only for getting the characters I want, not constellations. This channel won’t ever be about C6 R5. #GenshinImpact #Veyn #Gameplay #Hoyoverse #Build #Kazuha #Genshin #Impact #Yelan #2.7

5 thoughts on “Quickswap Twilight Yelan”

  1. My brain can't keep up with clip yet along understand the rotation đź—ż

  2. Sooo, which weapon do you actually prefer Veyn? This one or the viridescent bow?

    I personally like stringless for overworld-uses and favonius for abyss

    But that's the thing with yelan, her weapon arsenal is so damn huge XD

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