Purse.io – unable to order 95% of stuff on the first page, for months now. Purse broken May2023?

Hey friends, almost 300 orders as an Earner on Purse.io for several years. Many of those over $1,000 USD. Very few minor issues, but this past year has been pretty horrible. Anyone else experiencing this?

Earn -> choose an order -> get all the way to the checkout page and “We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to a Wish List or gift registry address.”
I contacted Support multiple times, and they say it’s an Amazon issue that they can’t fix.

I asked why, when the order is broken, I have to submit proof of cancellation (where I paste-in the message, and show the order should be removed). Purse Mods refuse to delete broken orders, so almost every one on the first page, all of the 5% orders currently, are impossible to fill. So the volume on Purse is fake.

I recommended a simple fix: high-volume Earners marking an order as defunct, perhaps 2-3 established Earners saying the same thing, could trigger their software to delete the order and notify the Shopper that their 3rd-party order can’t be filled any more on Purse. They said it’s not possible because Earners might abuse this. I countered that high-level Earners like me have the opposite incentive, and they could be penalized if they abuse it, anyway. They won’t take action, and here we are in May2023.

How are you fellow Purse Earners doing business today? I have to scroll past so many broken orders that the site is unusable, wasting many minutes to never get a real order. Also posting this to r/PurseIO but I doubt anyone uses that very much. Thanks BCH friends! Here's the official notes on not being able to order Third-Party on Amazon, if it isn't shipped and sold by Amazon.com:


6 thoughts on “Purse.io – unable to order 95% of stuff on the first page, for months now. Purse broken May2023?”

  1. Could this be because amazon has blocked those accounts from receiving wishlist orders if those are the only orders they make?

    I often use the search option on purse to find the item, does this bypass the wishlist and have the item ordered and sent directly?
    I’m not sure how the earning side works.

  2. If you are an earner, you may be interested in Bitgree.com, since most of the deals there are profitable for the earner. Little by little liquidity is improving, as more countries are added. This weekend, for example, Amazon Australia and a few more will probably be added (all Purse.io countries except Japan are already added). Also, by not using Wish Lists, you don’t have those problems that you mention about Purse.io.

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