Privacy-first blockchain can secure web3 future

Web3 has been in development and popular use among crypto-natives for years now. But lack of privacy in blockchain's decentralized settings has only just begun to get attention. Where there is a problem, can a solution be far behind? Privacy-preserving technology has become a topic of much discussion late;y, and rightly so too.

Take, Oasis for example. Their mission has always been to help build privacy-enabled and scalable web3. And then they went and added a powerful tool to make their vision a reality – Sapphire paratime as an EVM-compatible confidential runtime along with a cross-chain solution in the Oasis privacy layer (OPL). Not content to rest on laurels, they are now backing the development of autonomous secure computing capability in serverless setup with the Enshrine project. And to further propel the case for confidential dApps for web3, they will be organizing the P4W3 hackathon – designed to achieve privacy for web3.

And the great news is that the Oasis community townhall is just around the corner. It will focus exclusively on OPL, P4W3, and Enshrine, so it just cannot be missed.