Predictions: Congress / SEC vs. Ripple End Of Discovery & XRP Moon?

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Predictions: Congress / SEC vs. Ripple End Of Discovery & XRP Moon?

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8 thoughts on “Predictions: Congress / SEC vs. Ripple End Of Discovery & XRP Moon?”

  1. Big deal indeed for J.P. Morgan, considering they are a part of the Ethereum Alliance…

  2. …..and go get a trust wallet. You can buy all the XRP ya want, and it goes right into your private wallet.

  3. Can anyone tell me on which exchange(s) I can buy XRP? I have a KuCoin account but have been locked out of it for months so I just want to open another account elsewhere that lists XRP.

  4. Stfu & stop posting this crap! 9 days from now NOTHING good is going to happen to XRP. Learn it.

  5. I want to wake up one morning and find out my portfolio is $1,000,000. I know it's possible

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