Please make it fair for ledger blue users.

Hi everyone! Can someone at ledger please look to my
case? I have ledger blue in storage and recently i take it out to sell some coin. But ledger blue will not work with current ledger live version.
One of ledger support representative offer me packup pack as replacement for my broken but later tell me it was mistake and offer me 50 dollar instead of give out replacement. Please tell me this is not right. I pay 200+ euro for this only hope it can work and nothing else. I dont even want they give out replacement device. Just make my ledger blue work again! Please

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  1. Ledger Blue sunset was annoinced in 2018 – there’s no new development planned for it in 2023, sorry

  2. Ledger blue almost half a decade old OP that’s usually time to get new version of any electronic gear

  3. So if I buy a ledger your telling me it will only have covered support for 3-4 years? If so how do you get your coins off OP?

    Edit: my own fault for assuming people can read tone but sarcasm drips from my original comment, if that still upsets you idk what to say.

  4. I hate to say it, but what you want, and what you’re going to get are two very different things. If they’ve stopped updating the firmware for that model, they’re not going to put all their dev’s resources into writing a new firmware just for your device. In the IT Hardware industry, things do in fact get end of lifed. I’d think they throw you a bone, and send you an old stock Ledger Nano S. But they dont really have to, if they dont want to. I’d take the credit they offered, and buy a Nano S Plus. They’re pretty good devices, support USB-C, and have plenty of space to hold various coins.

  5. You all realize multiple of you can be right at the same time. Is it obsolete? Yes discontinued yes no more support yes. Can you buy a new ledger? Yes. Are your assets going forever? No no no. Should just import your seed phrase into a new wallet be it Ledger or other. But ledgers should never become obsolete. The company should keep some support for older products in spite of of it being a commercial failure. Just a FAQ or a simple guide for those who still own it. I’m not buying a new hardware wallet every 5 years unless it breaks.

  6. As far as I know Ledger was offering customers who bought the Ledger Blue a Nano X AND a Nano S Plus as a trade in for the Blue. Not sure if they no longer do this. I’ve seen others say that they traded their Blue in and had no issues and that was very recently. I think they should give you the new devices, but why did you wait so long? It was discontinued a while back as far as I know. Try tagging one of the Ledger Support/Admins from this subreddit they are pretty good at responding here.

  7. I recommend to try and install an older ledger live version. This worked for me. Think I currently have version 2.42 something.

    When I had version 2.55 I couldn’t send ether or ERC 20 tokens. Think because blind signing was added and not supported.

    But yeah I feel your pain.

    Ledger has older version of ledger live available on their website. See link below or you can google it for safety reasons.

    Ledger live versions (original website)

  8. Pretty sure you had plenty of time to upgrade. On you as far as I can see. Have some accountability and step up.

  9. I talked to Ledger support again today and it worked out great in the end. Lucky for me to meet some great folks who were able to sort this out quickly for me. I hope others won’t stumble into such confusion like this again. I wish everyone a great weekend. Peace!

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