Please let me know what your thoughts are.

Hello all! I had a question. When I go to the Trezor device section , it shows me the following (image attached).

So basically I want to know , if 2.4.2 is the most upto date firmware released by Trezor (just want to be careful , so getting second opinions) ? Also what is meant “your firmware type is Universal”? It has a switch to bitcoin option to right side, what does this mean? Will it benefit me in any way if I switch to bitcoin here ?

5 thoughts on “Please let me know what your thoughts are.”

  1. > Please let me know what your thoughts are.

    I think you should update your Trezor. It’s a couple years out of date.

    1. Your out of date
    2. Your running firmware that supports both ETH and BTC
    3. If your holding non-trivial money, you really should read the manual
  2. Make sure you have your private seed secured before updating. Just in case if something goes wrong.

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