I deposited some gala and this haapend when i reenter in my wallet,

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  2. That looks sketch. Follow security practices, don’t interact with it or transfer all your crypto out to a new wallet. You can easily create a new wallet at will.

  3. It’s a common scam. Just leave it and don’t touch it, and I don’t think it needs to be said but, nevertheless, do not follow that link. A few things might happen if you interact with these tokens, first, if you send them away, the contract that owns said token might drain your wallet, or maybe it’s just dummy tokens with a link to a malicious website that most definitely will ask you to enter the seed.

  4. These scam tokens won’t do any harm if you leave them alone.

    see Trezor knowledge base article:

    and YT video:

    describing this type of scam in details

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