Phuture Defi Index is Live

Phuture Defi index is live and this could be one of the easiest and fundamental ways to get a better understanding of what it’s all about.
PDI has a variety of features but I’ll be looking into three aspects of it



Right now, the question remains. “What is a crypto index?”
They are a group of crypto assets which can be bought as a single product that tracks the performance of all individual assets which make up the index. That being said, one would be curious to comprehend the relationship between crypto index and Phuture Defi index (PDI).

Phuture Defi index is an incentive composed of the top Defi assets on Ethereum by market cap co-founded by Oliver Mehr & Charles Storry. Defi as we know it is the fastest growing sector and $PDI key in by acting as an element that removes its complexity for any portfolio looking to get the next chapter of Defi growth.

In summary, PDI makes exposure to Defi on ETH easy which brings us to the objective. The primary objective of PDI is to provide balanced exposure to the ever growing Defi sector. These assets put together as a crypto index are used to spread the volatility and risk in proportion to their market cap.

The objectives of PDI springs up the question of “Who can use PDI?”

🔹Individuals: Do you want to diversify your portfolios beyond BTC, ETH? Phuture Defi index provides access to defi without drastic volatility.

🔹Institution: As a company or body in search of long term defi positions, PDI’s “methodology” provides a balanced addition to your portfolio.
Here are some available assets within the PDI right now:

More details on the PDI methodology: Link

How can one invest in $PDI: Link

More info on everything about PDI: Link

Phuture Defi Index is Live

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