Panda Pets $BAMBOO (Launched June 9th, 2022)

Panda Pets $BAMBOO has been in the making for a few months now, the project team have had significant plans right from the start. The community have gelled and been supportive throughout the project so far, they have organically generated great awareness to Panda Pets through the form of raiding tweets and telegram groups collectively. Just 4 hours after launch, we had some of the biggest members of the memecoin industry creating awareness of the project and supporting us. Panda Pets $BAMBOO is however still a micro-cap tokenised asset sitting just around $13,000 market cap with a committed and ever-growing community of $BAMBOO fans. Panda Pets has officially taken off on its journey to the moon and you are more than welcome to get onboard once you’ve done your due diligence!

Panda Pets $BAMBOO contract was launched successfully on 9th June 2022 and during this time the token achieved significant attraction from some familiar faces. The team have been showcasing significant efforts to ensure that the foundations were set correctly and the ability to gain more and more exposure was achievable. The community have been holding strong and creating positive vibes for others joining. We have been trending on some websites that have significant attraction, and this is not going to stop. There will be many surprises coming. The market cap and liquidity we have is very attracting to new investors and the more exposure gained should ensure we see an increase in the price of $BAMBOO. We have a recipe for success and the ability to reach the moon, it’d be cool to see a panda on it for the first time!

Token Details & Features:

  • Token Name: Panda Pets

  • Token Symbol: $BAMBOO

  • Token Type: BEP-20

  • Contract Source Code Verified on BSCScan

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

  • Liquidity Locked with Murda

Tax Distribution: (9% Total TX Fee)

  • 5% Marketing

  • 4% Auto Liquidity

Panda Pets $BAMBOO just introduced many plans to ensure utility around the token itself. These are all included within the roadmap, this can be found on the website. The community is continuously listened to on project ideas and decisions to ensure that there will one day be a Panda Pet on the moon. Come and share your thoughts and join in.

Check us out on socials and join us in getting a Panda Pet to Mars.


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  • Website:

Panda Pets $BAMBOO (Launched June 9th, 2022)

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  2. I’m ALL IN, famous Crypto God is hesvily invested and will help push this project together with the fantastic team we have. Our community is strong and together we will shoot through ath with alot of good news and updates to come. We got alot of eyes on us just waiting to fill their bags som dont be late πŸΌπŸ‘Œ


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