GM, PancakeSwappers! Welcome back to our weekly highlights where we review the recent news and development this week at PancakeSwap which are worthy to recap.

  1. This week we proposed an adjustment to the CAKE rewards for BNB v3 farms. Our aim is to reduce emissions, increase CAKE burn, and ensure sufficient liquidity for seamless trading. read more.

  1. 9,545,849 $CAKE just burned – that’s $21M![more details.](

  1. This week our Head chef, Chef mochi a head of the veCAKE launch he goes in details and share his thoughts on the upcoming veCAKE approach. The upside, the downside risks and things users should consider.

    “I want to provide some early, high-level thoughts around veCAKE to help the community understand our approach and thoughts on this topic.” read more.

  1. we introduced the PancakeSwap Gaming Marketplace – a GameFi Revolution with 1.5 Million potential players!

Featuring games like Pancake Protectors & Pancake Mayor, A dynamic hub for gamers & developers, Play, build, & connect in a world of endless possibilities!

🌌 Launch into adventure now: find out more here.

  1. New game? YES! this week we launched a new game called Pancake Mayor which is now part of our Gaming Marketplace! Developed by Binary X, dive into a city-building simulation like no other!

Features: 250 levels of city-building, Crypto rewards with CAKE, Engaging mini-games & events. Read more.

  1. Proposal to Adjust Voting Power Requirements to Reduce Spam.

The Kitchen proposed to increase the Voting Power (vCAKE) required to 1,000. This will allow more active contributors to be heard and raise their suggestions. It will also be sufficient to prevent spam proposals from dominating the discourse. read more.

  1. On this week's cooking menu, No more tending to fields; we're bringing the best of the harvest to your plate! Embark on our Weekly Specials – a distinctive food adventure!

find out more.

  1. New position manager partner? well, Uniting Forces! PancakeSwap & Range Protocol brought you the first r/Ethereum Position Manager with 'Trio' strategies: Passive, Active, Pegged. Tailored to your trading style! read more.

  1. This week r/CoinMarketCap made an article how pancakeswap in the face of a sideways market, it has doubled its market share among decentralized exchanges since the release of its V3 version.

The expansion to Ethereum and layer-two solutions, new CAKE tokenomics, and other product launches have helped PancakeSwap to stay at the forefront of DEX innovation.

read more.

See you next week, building never stops. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 🥞 Stack'EM! 🥞

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