Pancakeswap/Metamask Sniper Bot +5BNB per day | Pancakeswap/Metamask Bot | Free download


Pancakeswap/Metamask Sniper Bot +5BNB per day | Pancakeswap/Metamask Bot | Free download

Pancakeswap Sniper Bot +5BNB per day | Pancakeswap Bot | Free download Download►► 6 PASSWORD: 1234 ➖ Simple installation with a choice of language inside the bot. ➖ Security – you do not need to enter the private key into the bot, the bot trades together with the Metamask. ➖ Ability to choose any interface language from 11 presented. ➖ Take profit and stop loss are set automatically. ➖ Ability to set notifications in Discord or Telegram. ➖ Can run on VPS (virtual machine). ➖ Registration (login – password) after installation. ➖ Select the old or new version of the interface. ➖ Free use, within 21 days from the moment of installation, there are no conditions for using the bot. ➖ Have an error log file to track in the bot folder. ➖ Order multiple assets at the same time. For several or the same currency pair. You can configure the bot by complying with the instruction in the .txt file. The trading bot runs on the following 64-bit operating systems: Linux/Windows (64bit) Configuring the bot for the Opensea trading exchange is provided on the video. I post this bot totally free of charge, as your like and subscription will be the best gratitude for me. Tags: PANCAKESWAP BOT,pancakeswap sniper bot,pancakeswap bot,pancakeswap trading sniper bot,metamask trading bot,metamask robot,sniper bot,pancakeswap sniper bot,metamask sniper bot,snipe bot metamask,crypto bot,binance trading bot,pancakeswp,metamask,mainnet metamask,snipe bot pancakeswap,python bot pancakeswap,dextools bot,poocoin bot,poocoin trading bot,pancakeswap top token,bot for pancakeswap,bot for metamask,trade bot pancakeswp,pancake bot

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