PancakeSwap FINALLY Posts SafeMoon v1 Warning

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PancakeSwap FINALLY Posts SafeMoon v1 Warning

PancakeSwap has finally made a post update regarding SafeMoon v1. Let’s talk about that. Become a Patron today on Patreon – s Merch store – m Start your investment journey With 5 free stocks. Open an account and get a free stock! Deposit and get another free stock! / Got Amazon Prime? You can donate for FREE with Twitch Prime – s Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $50 USD 🙂 Earn interest through Blockfi and get up to $250 in crypto bonus using my referral – 8 Join Coinbase to be able to buy and trade crypto through my referral – b Have you seen the Gemini app? Try it using my code and we’ll each get $10 USD of Bitcoin. n Link to “SafeMoon Simulator” Roblox game I made – r #SafeMoon #SafeMoonV2 #SafeMoonArmy

10 thoughts on “PancakeSwap FINALLY Posts SafeMoon v1 Warning”

  1. i felt like (PS) put up that disclaimer to protect themselves in the long run from unknowing investors. Since Pancakeswap dosent gain anything from safemoon anymore , they wont put in the effort to send a clear message.

  2. Anyone know if SafeMoon has ever though of listing mostly audited/well established Tokens in the SafeMoon Swap that way investors from the outside looking in immediately take notice of the “safety”, quality, and accessibility that SafeMoon has to offer?

  3. It's horrible how pancake worded it they did that in purpose seems they want it to fail for sure .

  4. They can set it to zero percent.. where did you hear reflections must be 1% or greater?

  5. Question ?…..All other exchanges will do the same automatically…???
    Or what will happen if we just have billions of Safemoon holding in an exchange…will we lost our Safemoon …??
    Help me if you know…thanks

  6. Y5finance is up over 300% it will be the next evergrow 13% busd rewards. 5way reflections coming soon and huge burn and lp transfer later on today

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