Pairing a hardware wallet with Metamask on desktop not possible

Hi everyone! I've just installed an AirGap vault on an offline phone and added a wallet. Now I'd like to pair it with Metamask using this tutorial, which involves scanning a QR code from that offline phone.

  1. I chose “hardware wallet” from the Account dropdown menu.
  2. Then “QR-Code”
  3. My webcam is trying to scan the QR code from my hardware wallet

My desktop's camera (logitech webcam) is weak, it somehow doesn't show QR codes properly, so I can't scan the QR code.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

1 thought on “Pairing a hardware wallet with Metamask on desktop not possible”

  1. >Metamask is set to “view only” with “connect hardware wallet”.

    Do you mean to say that the option “connect hardware wallet” is disabled or what?

    Maybe show a screenshot of that page so it is clear your current situation.

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