Overviews on Comdex Protocol

Hey guys! It's been a rough couple of months and the 2nd quarter is about to end, but we hold our optimism. But for crypto enthusiasts like myself, we keep looking out for projects with potential. What is Comdex bringing to the crypto table?

Comdex is a a decentralized exchange for synthetic assets and tokenized commodities, a subsidiary of Persistence, building on the Cosmos Blockchain – known to be one of the most robust chains in the space.

But not only does it deal on tokenization of commodities, it also covers a broad area of DeFi with different products to cover them. Hence, Comdex was officially announced the DeFi infrastructural layer of Cosmos.

Comdex focuses on core DeFi derivatives acting as a backbone of financial structures that bridges CeFi to DeFi, which include:

✓ Tokenization of assets
✓ Collaterization of assets
✓ Exchange of on-chain assets
✓ Debt generation against on-chain collaterals.

Comdex creates solutions that are aimed at enabling users to access the decentralized trading markets easily and seamlessly. The protocol keeps building and we keep watching for the official debut of its products. Stay tuned!

Overviews on Comdex Protocol

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