Over 40% of Ledger Users Plan on Continuing to Use Ledger (Reddit Survey)

Over at the “Ledger Sub,” a survey was conducted with almost 3000 people voting.


  • 41% said I'll continue using Ledger
  • 19% said I moved (or will be moving) to another hardware wallet.
  • 12% said I'll be using a mix of hardware wallets, including Ledger.
  • 3% said I'll be using a mix of hardware wallets, excluding Ledger.
  • 24% said I haven't made a decision yet.

Two weeks after the Ledger “incident,” that means that 24% of people have not made up their mind. Honestly, if you have not decided to move away from Ledger in the first two weeks, you will likely not move away from it. The more time elapses, the easier it is to fall back into your normal routine.

One thing that has changed is that I have not seen a single recommendation for Ledger from this sub in the past two weeks.

Still, likely 50%+ of people are not going to make a change with their Ledger.

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41 thoughts on “Over 40% of Ledger Users Plan on Continuing to Use Ledger (Reddit Survey)”

  1. So we can get it like at least %50 of Ledger users don’t mind what Ledger does unless they are not scammed or blocked to transfer their funds.

  2. For now, I do not like it but I will continue to use Ledger.
    I feel betrayed and not safe after these last weeks, that’s for sure. But rather than smash my ledger and moving as quickly as I can to another wallet, I really want to make a rational decision instead of an emotional one.
    I mean, moving all of your assets from one HW to another and creating an entire new seed is a source of errors and compromission.
    I need to be 1000% sure of the HW solution I will be using. I need to do my research. I need to be extra careful when moving funds, I need to be paranoid.
    So for now, I’m still investigating and therefore, still sticking with Ledger for some time. I will be leaving, that’s for sure. But these are the necessary steps and the necessary time needed if you want to act rationally instead of moving quick, making errors and losing everything.

  3. Erm that’s kind of a misleading headline because it means that 60% wouldn’t plan on continuing ?

  4. I think using is fine however no longer recommending it and I think most people would not buy a new unit from there.

    Btw for now users can stick to the older firmware – stay below 2.2.1

  5. >24% said I haven’t made a decision yet

    I don’t think i believe in self custody anymore, therefore I will store my assets in CEX again just like before to make my assets more secure /s

  6. I think I would choose another option unless they announced they would be going open sourced

  7. Just look at LUNA and how many people kept using it even after many posts warning about it (which saved my ass and allowed me to sell at 100+, thanks again guys)

  8. Well no one expects that everyone would ditch it but the percentage of people leaving are devastating for the company

  9. I almost bought a Ledger to store my crypto on it because I heard how safe it was, now it’s “not safe”. Could someone recommend a cold storage wallet or solution besides Trezor that’s pretty damn safe? It seems only Trezor seems to be the only alternative

  10. >One thing that has changed is that I have not seen a single recommendation for Ledger from this sub in the past two weeks.

    Never had an issue with Ledger, can recommend it fully 😉

  11. Oh no, I’m shocked that people don’t overreact to unfounded speculations.

    So 23% will definitely move away from ledger. Not bad. Probably a lot more will buy it cause it has recovery features now…

  12. The majority of users won’t even have heard of the controversy, or won’t care. Surveys like these, in such a niche corner of the internet are useless. Sales will be affected, but not by much. Future adoption by people who care even less will offset any losses

  13. Just use your ledger with a multi-sig wallet and you’re still safe or even safer (as long as you don’t use 2 ledgers).

  14. The 40% of ledger who plan to continue perhaps or probably have some 💩 coins or have very little crypto not worth saving🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Yes I have a ledger, and I will continue to use it.

    At the end of the day, every wallet has its pros and cons. Some trade convenience for security and vice versa. Everybody has different needs. However, no one should put all their eggs in one basket. This hasn’t changed since the year dot.

    Ledger will continue to be one option out of a few that is available. Everyone wants to move over to Trezor, I think this is fool hardy as there still remains the unknown unknowns to price in. I would include Trezor as well as Ledger, and if you have significant sums, multiple trezor and ledgers in different secure locations.

  16. Wasn’t the seed backup an optional paid service? This is just people causing the issue to be overblown

  17. I moved my BTC and ETH to Bitbox. I have some ATOM that is still on Ledger that I am not sure what to do with yet

  18. It would be interesting to run this survey again in 30 days….let what has happened with Atomic echo…and see what the results look like then….with the addition of a slot for “ I prefer not to say but I have lost all trust in ledger products.”

  19. There’s a market for a true closed source cold storage and one will come out very soon that’s mass produced and user friendly. Until then…

  20. Im not changing my system at all, use ledger for cold storage hodls, still have a meta for shitcoins and about 8 seperate hot wallets or CEX wallets with varying amount. Taking on some risk doing this but also alleviating some lol.

  21. I bought my ledger this year, it still feels safer than a hot wallet or a CEX.

    I will continue to use my ledger this year and then decide after the dust settles.

  22. You need to he able to afford one, for you to count in this poll. I own 0 ledger, and as such, have no skin in this game

  23. The thing is, these hardware wallets are not cheap. If you already invested in some of the more expensive ledgers, you’ll likely cling to the idea they are safe….and they may very well be safe. However, I personally am a bit more weary of the company now.

  24. I do recommend everyone use ledger, it’s priced right and has highest possible security for the price, I would avoid cold card as the company behind it is know to fleece community for years. Here is one.

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