ONLYCAM $ONLY | Adult 3.0 on the blockchain | No payment restrictions | No hefty fees | Fully anonymity for users | Exclusive Erotic NFTs | 5 platform solutions | Presale Sold Out in 3 hours | Listed on PancakeSwap | AMA

OnlyCam represents a complete erotic entertainment project that brings NSFW content creation delivery, anonymous payment w/ crypto, and direct interactions between fans authors.

Presale $ONLY on Pinksale was sold out in 3 hours, raising $1,000 $BNB!

The $ONLY token is now available for purchase on PancakeSwap, and listings have also taken place on Poocoin and DEXT

Also, OnlyCam will provide regular AMAs. First AMA was on DeC 11th. If you missed first AMA, ya can read it from TG onlycamofficial/22884

$ONLY – BEP20 Token w/ 1B Total supply. Used to pay for services like streams, NFTs and the token liquidity is locked for 5 years. Whenever a $ONLY Token holder makes a transaction on any one of the platforms across the OnlyCam network, every token hodler on the network will receive part of 2% of the transaction fee as redistribution.

In OnlyCam there are 5 projects:

Only dot Cam – Streaming erotic platform with multi-stream content.

Only dot Cam dot art – NFT Market for erotic artwork.

OnlyCam dot vip – Exclusive content maked by your favorite content authors.

OnlyCam dot exchange – Cutting-edge payment solution across the ecosystem using $ONLY tokens.

OnlyCam dot shop – Store with high quality adult merchandise -100% legal.

EZ way to earn passive profit from transaction fees

Expert Team

Payment Solutions for getting Easy to use all platforms

Full copyright

Join the Onlycam community now:

Web: Only dot Cam

Twi: OnlyCamOfficial

Tg: onlycamofficial

BEP20: 0x639928999f491A21858Bb38adE14eAA19210a38F

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