$ONI | ONINO Ecosystem – cross chain metadata registry | Simple – Metadata registry | Connected & Secure – Dual-chain Architecture | Scalable Ecosystem | decentralized keychain for WEB3 | Buy Back & Burn | Big use case | seed round completed | Presale – January 8 | Listing on DEX – Jan 22

Onino – a layer-one info storage solution that connects to any wallet. The simple solution for web 3.0 identity.

The ONINO Dual-Chain Architecture allows you to use any network to associate meta information to your respective wallet in any ecosystem in a decentralized and standardized way & keeps your private data secure.

ONINO's layer one chain will be engineered to be a friendly platform for devs and users. Allowing various web3.0 dApps to be integrated seamless into a secure network. ONINO works with native on-chain dapps but also with dapps on any other chain

Get an overview of all your assets and contracts scattered across different networks in one single dashboard

Link your personal data securely to any wallet in any network while keeping full control over the flow of the information. Approved data to identify anything in WEB3.

Connect any asset on any chain to ya real world identity.

Partners can scan the binary public ONINO registry chain to utilize the information for extended functionality. Additional data needs the ONINO wallet holder to accept the request.

The ONI token is the native utility token of the ONINO platform. It is used to fuel the transactions needed to write to and read data from the ONINO blockchain. The token provides utility by enabling the use of the numerous future layer-2 Apps.

At this stage, the token is based on BSC and will be migrated to Onino blockchain in the future.

Seed round successfully completed

Presale – January 8

Listing on DEX – January 22

Lock Liquidity on UniCrypt

BuyBack & Burn system

Learn More – onino dot io

Community – telegram oninoofficial

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