ONEWeekly #9: OpenOcean, zkPhoto, Dark Forest Port, and Tech Updates.

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ONEWeekly #9: OpenOcean, zkPhoto, Dark Forest Port, and Tech Updates.

Welcome to the 9th edition of the Harmony ONEWeekly video series. OpenOcean is on Harmony and we’re seeing interesting projects from ZK University such as zkPhoto and a port of Dark Forest. On the technical side, we’re testing our new elastic RPC infrastructure, working on relayers and front-end components for the Trustless Ethereum Bridge, and have an update to share on cross-link heart beat signals. We have an update on an upcoming gaming partnership, a community meme contest, and a sneak peak at an upcoming game. Please be sure to like and subscribe for more ONEWeekly. #blockchain #harmony #harmonyone #defi #zeroknowledge #darkforest #openocean +++++++++++++++++ Timestamps: 00:00 Introduction 00:39 Dark Forest Port 01:32 Game Partnership Updates 01:59 zkPhoto 03:18 OpenOcean on Harmony 04:32 Wallet Updates 05:01 Community Meme Contest 05:26 Q3/Q4 Execution Plan 05:59 Crosslink Updates 06:28 Trustless ETH Bridge Updates 06:54 Elastic RPC Updates 07:11 Closing Statement 07:52 Coming Soon Teaser +++++++++++++++++ Relevant Links: Harmony ZK University / Dark Forest on Harmony m zkPhoto / OpenOcean 0 New Wallets: Infinity: / ONTO: / NoBank: / D’Cent: / Useless: /

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  2. Can I delegate and undelegate my coins that I'm staking on the harmony one staking website from my mobile or can this only be done on desktop?

  3. Times are depressing. Times are harsh. Times are able to make projects, blockchains and coins vanish – BUT if you keep your investors informed on a weekly basis showing progress you won`t go down – they will hold on. So: thank you very much, yet again!

  4. That ZKPhoto looks sick! Would definitely use that! Bullish on the experienced game developer joining Harmony! Great work team!

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