$ONDO Finance And Its Blueprints.

Ondo finance is a project that is aimed to democratise access to institutional grade financial products and services using blockchain technology.

The project’s team seeks to leverage on the blockchain technology, to improve both the financial infrastructure and accessibility of financial products. The team cuts across former members of reputable firms like Goldman Sachs and partnerships with VCs like; Blackrock and Morgan Stanley. Practically, it seeks to integrate the real world assets with blockchain technology.

The native token $ONDO has performed exceedingly well since its launch in January18th, 2024. The tokenized products offered by the project have a bearing to US treasuries and the US money market funds.

After keenly reading about this project it is quite clear that it is a fine blend of tradfi and defi product services. With this immense usecase, $ONDO will do very well. Looking at these, T1 platforms like Bitget have listed it and the price action is quite fair thus.