9 thoughts on “NFTs Are Finally Dead”

  1. It’s a time to celebrate, but you also can’t help but feel for the people who were scammed out of their life savings from being deceived to believe in this shit.

  2. Crypto in general is just a ponzi scheme. Think about it, if they actually wanted a functioning currency, wouldn't they want to the exchange rate to be as low as possible so that more people would be able to get into the currency? Everyone is just treating them as assets to exchange for real money, which they're horrible for because they have no intrinsic value. They aren't stocks in a company that makes something, they're not bonds, they're just electronic numbers that some internet rats came up with. Almost no one is interested in using Bitcoin as actual currency, which it's awful for.

  3. The best decision of my life is only investing $5 in Etherium, the only Crypto investment I’ve ever made, since that’s the lowest amount you can invest in Venmo. I’ve only seen my investment experience a net loss, and the only reason I haven’t pulled out is the hope that someday, I’ll gain my $5 back

  4. People who think bit coin is any more legit than NFTs deserves to lose their life savings.

  5. "Bitcoin is dead" is never going to be true, there are enough weird internet libertarians to keep nodes going forever like how there are still people buying beanie babys on ebay today. It's definitely possible that we've seen peak bitcoin. Almost everyone that might have had an opinion about bitcoin seems to have chosen a side, and most normies bought in during the $40-60k bullrun and have been burned. Who's left to pump and dump on?

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