NFT Cringe Convention 2022 – TechNewsDay

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NFT Cringe Convention 2022 – TechNewsDay

Sponsored by Manscaped – Get 20% off + free shipping at with code NEWSDAY ■ Patreon: y ■ Twitter: v c w ■ TikTok: v ■ Timestamps: 00:00 – NFT.NYC 12:10 – Crypto scam victim turns to armed robbery 15:48 – Elon sued over Dogecoin 21:56 – Elon’s dumb plans for Twitter 30:42 – SpaceX employee letter 35:32 – Amazon Alexa raising the dead ■ Sources: • ApeFest/NFT.NYC 2022 • Crypto scam victim robs store 9 • Elon sued for Dogecoin ‘pyramid scheme’ • Musk Twitter deal • SpaceX open letter + firings • Alexa reading you stories with your dead grandma’s voice s

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  1. Elliot talking about someone's patchy beard is like a mensa guy punching down on an imbecile

  2. I love how they couldn't even keep the laughs in during the ad read

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  4. “Oh sweet! New Internet Today dropped, I’ll check the audio version”

    hears lady speaking in tongues
    hears “Doop Snog”

    “Naw gotta do the video today”

  5. Bet this Crosby is white you know any person of color would have been thrown in jail for that s*** ain't no two years either

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