NFT Collection | True Next Gen NFTs | TRUE Ecosystem

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NFT Collection | True Next Gen NFTs | TRUE Ecosystem

NFT Collection | True Next Gen NFTs | TRUE Ecosystem 👉 Twitter: m 👉 Get Your own Binance Account from Here: w 👉 Ethernity Chain NFTs collections: 9 👉 Best Hardware Wallet (Trezor): t Binance Review | Binance Review Tutorial 2021 👇 /> 🎬Watch our most recent videos: 🔥Play To Earn Crypto | Planet IX | Play To Earn Games👇 /> 🔥How To Mint NFT | Volcom Stoneland | What Is Volcom Stoneland (Minting June 7th)👇 /> _____________________________________________________________ Links mentioned in the video: ✅ Best Hardware Wallet (Ledger Nano): t ✅ Best Hardware Wallet (Trezor): t 🔥 Get up to $250 BTC Bonus: e 💰 Earn interest in crypto on BlockFi: e 💸 Borrow fiat against crypto on BlockFi: S _____________________________________________________________ Welcome to our NFT Collection Video! An ecosystem to create next gen NFTs and deliver utility to GameFi and everyday life. What is TRUE TRUE — an ecosystem to create next gen NFTs and deliver utility to GameFi and everyday life. Misson To unleash the potential of NFT technology and expand its functionality for a widespread use. True.Community Hundreds of new crypto projects are born every day. Some of them become visible and significant, attracting thousands of followers; and the lives of others are as short as a flash — they light up brightly, but just as quickly fade out. And you know what? This is fine. 👍 When something exists only online, it is extremely easy to get lost in the virtual world. Especially in crypto, where anonymity and a constant stream of new ideas are indispensable companions of the industry. Where often you don’t even need to have a functioning project to make people believe you. Industry of promises. Industry of hype. Being a part of a global international company for over 4 years, they had the opportunity to closely monitor the development of the blockchain in order to formulate their own approach to creating a product. The one that consorts with their vision, and the one that they hope will resonate with our community. Be passionate If their approach and what we do are close to you, then you are already in the ranks of True People. No matter if you are a simple observer or an active figure. All you need is to choose a convenient way to join the project and become a part of it. The easiest way is: Register on the platform Buy TFT tokens Subscribe to our social networks Values When creating a crypto product, it is important not to lose touch with the real world — the TRUE world. To look beyond that online side. To understand that even though blockchain penetrates our day-to-day routine and finances more and more every year, it can only exist in synergy. And what we want to do is to find a fine line between the virtual/intangible and the familiar physical world. To build something real by taking advantage of the blockchain. In other words, to stay in touch with reality whatever it takes. True.Metaverse GameFi ecosystem for gamers, developers and brands. Gamers are invited to a variety of game worlds combined all in one place. Developers are set free from building their own infrastructure to focus solely on game content. Brands can quickly mint and sell their own NFTs, which can be used by players in game worlds and collectors inside or outside the ecosystem. ____________________________________________________________ The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. I hope you found value in our NFT Collection video. Make sure to leave a like on the video if you gained value from it! #TRUE #Ecosystem #NFT #Coin #Bitcoin #Today #BTC #Binance #Ethereum #ETH #Bitcoin #CryptoGuide #crypto #Ether #DigitalCurrency #BestCryptoExchange 👉👉 For Collaboration Contact Us At: ‫ 🔥 🔥 For ‬More Crypto News Check Out Our Site: m ________________________________________________________________________ ⏰Timestamps⏰ 0:00 intro 0:19 5:15 Twitter 6:02 Summary

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  3. No matter how well this was explained, I still feel I'm missing something fundamentally important as to why people are spending money on this piece of Art that is not physical

  4. I will never stop recommendations about him. He did a great job. Thank you so much sir 🔝🔘🔝

  5. I will never stop recommendations about him. He did a great job. Thank you so much sir 🔝🔘🔝

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