News 702- आखिर BitTorrent 10$ कब जायेगा || BTTC Honest Review || BTTC IN 2022 || When BTTC 1 Rs ||

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News 702- आखिर BitTorrent 10$ कब जायेगा || BTTC Honest Review || BTTC IN 2022 || When BTTC 1 Rs ||

Hello दोस्तों मेरा नाम रितेश Pratap सिंह है और मेरे channel पर आने के लिए आप सभी को दिल से धन्यवाद ।।।। Crypto GURU Family Telegram Link- h h h h h Thanks for your love and support ❤️ ⭕Contact Details For anykind of Queries⭕ 1.Crypto GURU Team Official Whatsapp No. 7379761717 आज के video में मैने बताया है– BTTC Honest Review… BTTC Price prediction for 2022. BTTC current updates… BTTC best project of web 3.0 BTTC going to 1 rs reallty ? BTTC Going to 10$ Reallty? My personal Price prediction… (Big note-This is my personal Opinion…. Must research before any investment Profit and loss both yours. Thanks) आप लोग भी अच्छे से Research और Study कीजिए #BTT #BTTC #BitTorrent #BTT Crypto GURU Official Twitter account – 1. Take a look at रितेश Pratap सिंह [Invest Very Wisley] (@RiteshP08794213): /> 2.Take a look at Crypto GURU (@CryptoG83652809): /> This is An Official account and also trusted top exchange you can use my genuine link(always be careful from fake links or website) 1 . /> 2. /> Big note-आप अपनी life में कोई भी business,plan,coin,mlm, product base कंपनी को start करने से पहले अच्छे से research और study कीजिए उसके बाद ही start कीजिए क्योकिं आपका चाहे जितना profit या loss हो इसमें मेरी कोई जिम्मेदारी नही होगी Because मैं कोई financial adviser नही हूंँ और न ही मै official youtuber हूँ ।।। DISCLAIMER- I am neither a financial advisor nor I am giving any financial advice. I am just sharing my knowledge which is totally based on my research and study on speculation of crypto currencies. Anyone who is following me should not take this as a financial advice. Everyone must do proper research before doing any investment as this is highly volatile market. Each profit and loss must dependent on market situation and risk. Invest wisely. उम्मीद करता हूँ video आपको अच्छा लगता है ।।। 🙏🙏Thanks for visiting Crypto GURU 🙏🙏 Important Tags- Crypto currency Latest News, Bitcoin Latest News, Altcoin Latest News, Bitcoin and Altcoins Future, Future of Crypto In India, Bitcoin future in India Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Future,Ethereum Coin Latest Update,Litcoin Coin Latest Update, Ripple Coin Latest Update, Binance Coin Latest Update,Tron coin latest Updates,Cardano Coin latest Updates,Eos Coin latest Updates . Like!! Share!! Comment!! Subscribe

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  1. In This Video 1-3% can be changed in rate calculation So Pls managed it 🙏

    Thanks for your love and support ❤️
    Pls be careful from scammers with our fake Identity👍🔥🙏

  2. Ha kabhi bhi ja nhi sakta lekin crypto is unpredictable kuch bhi ho sakta hai 100 dollar se 1 paisa bhi aa sakta . Yaha kuch bhi ho sakta hai

  3. Sir Bttc mere buy kiye hue hai par Abhi show nahi ho raha kush v
    Kahan se check kru

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